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Strength Inside & Out.

We specialize in fat loss for parents, female athletes, and eliminating imbalances in those with pain through semi-private training and nutritional coaching.

Welcome to Peak Fitness and Sports Training (Peak F.A.S.T.)!

PeakFAST was founded in 2010 by Ryan Patrick with a focus on helping people build active lifestyles and benefit from strength training.

We aim to spread our love of strength training to help individuals build strength and confidence and find nutrition solutions that are compatible with their life and beliefs.

Our beliefs

  • Treat everyone as an individual: customized results come faster with individualized programs
  • Long-term consistency is superior to short-term intensty with regards to training and diets
  • The 23 hours outside the gym deserve as much or more attention than the 1 inside it
  • Our clients are the experts on themselves and we partner with them to define and realize their idea of a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Consistent staff education will maximize the benefits our clients receive on their time and financial investment in PeakFAST

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